Selecting the Right Ball

By Steve Edgar

In squash, different balls are available for different skill levels. Selecting the right ball is key to getting a normal bounce, and avoiding a low or dead bounce. For the reasons why, see Ball Background. Based on the balls I have tested, here are my recommendations.


The Pointfore Blue Dot is the best choice for Beginners and D level players:

The Pointfore Red Dot is the best choice for C level players and most B level players.

The Dunlop Competition, Dunlop Pro, and Pointfore Single Yellow Dot are all very similar. Any of these are a good choice for hard hitting B level players and A level players.

For more information on these recommendations, as well as information on other Dunlop and Pointfore balls, see Ball Notes.

Note that the ball you select may vary based on your court conditions. If you play on a really hot court, use a ball best suited for a higher level skill. If you play on a really cold court, use a ball best suited for a lower skill level.

The Pointfore Single Yellow Dot ball is available from Pointfore USA's squash web site. The Pointfore Red and Blue Dot balls are currently available, but you must call Pointfore USA at (800) 707-0784, or send an e-mail at Pointfore reports they will add the Red and Blue Dot balls to that site, for web ordering, in early January 2004.

The Dunlop Pro and Competition balls are available at most places which sell squash equipment.

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